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Gas Soldering Iron


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8PCS Kit


Gas Soldering Iron

Gas operated micro soldering device up to 1,300°C / 2,370°F
Powered by butane (lighter fuel) and features a piezoelectric ignition
Portable and lightweight suitable for heating, soldering and heat-shrinking
Supplied with an protective cap and features an adjustable gas control lever

No. Contents
A Soldering Iron (incl. Conical Type Solder Tip)
B 2.5mm Round Solder Tip
C 3.5mm Chisel Solder Tip
D 4.5mm Hoof Solder Tip
E Heat Deflector Tip
F Tip Cleaning Sponge
G Solder Wire (99.3% Tin + 0.7% Copper)
H Protective Cap